About Me

Hello there! Thanks for reading my blog and finding out more about me and my journey.

I am Tanya, a happy mom of 3 and wife to an amazing Superhubby. I've endured Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for 10 years now and its been quite a journey filled with trials, tribulations, frustrations and fear. It is certainly a much harder disease to manage than I would have thought when I was first diagnosed. It impacts every facet of my life and every moment of the day. It's affected the way I type, the way I cook, the way I play with my kids and the hobbies I used to enjoy.

On The Bright Side

As a way to deal with all the frustrations in my days, I decided it was time to focus on those things I could accomplish, the part of my journey that is filled with love, laughter, food and so many good things. So I started my Blog with a Purpose. Certainly you may think Why are these Small Victories? Those of you with RA can empathize why they are small and precious victories.

Regardless, I hope whether you learn a little more about RA, find a recipe you enjoy, a good book to read, a useful tip or a silly family story that it helps you see the good things in the everyday as I have learned to do in mine.

Thanks for visiting and post me a comment to let me know what you celebrate in your day, no matter how big or small!